Testimonials - Leigh Casling. Elvis Tribute Act and Impersonator.

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Personal email to Leigh.
Larry Geller was Elvis's hairdresser, spiritual mentor and close friend.

He was one of the judges at Europe's Elvis Contest.

To Leigh Casling,

I was so pleased when I was asked  to judge the Elvis tribute artist
contest in Blackpool, England this past January.  And this was no
run-of-the-mill Elvis impersonator contest.   You were all well seasoned
professionals, known throughout the UK and Europe as the very cream of
the crop, and the competition those two nights was very dramatic and
exciting.  As we approached the semi finals the energy intensified,
palpable to everyone in the room.

As the winner was being announced the room exploded with shouts and
applause - and you, Leigh, were awarded the number one spot!   You
shined as an original that night.  Your rendition of singing and
dressing as Elvis did in the army years was creative and touched
everyone.  I congratulate you; well done!

Larry Geller


stated Charles Stone,
Elvis's Tour Manager,
after witnessing Leigh
perform his Elvis Tribute.

Elvis Gospel, comprising Elvis Gospel Ministries and Elvis Gospel Fan Club

I first saw Leigh Casling in January 2005.

He was one of over 30 Elvis tribute artists performing at the Blackpool Walk a Golden Mile in My Shoes contest.

I believe that most Elvis tribute artist are a special breed. They do what they do because they love and respect Elvis and want to keep his memory alive. Most are very passionate about what they do, taking great care with costumes, moves and of course the voice.

Leigh chose to appear as “Army” Elvis, singing Trouble from King Creole. and Didja Ever from GI Blues.

Now, Trouble is one of my least favourite Elvis songs, as I hate to hear him (or anyone else for that matter) proclaiming, ”I’m evil”. But my prejudice gave way to amazement and delight, as Leigh, for several minutes, was (almost) Elvis. His voice is a natural, but also the stance and facial expressions are not forced, but natural. I believe that Leigh captures the simplicity and love of life which Elvis had when he was young. There is a freshness and joy for life associated with young Elvis, which Leigh portrays magnificently.

I hope and pray that many people will choose Leigh for their birthday parties, socials, concerts etc. They are in for a treat!

Madeleine Wilson - President of Elvis Gospel Fan Club

Leigh, you are amazing,  and don't forget - Jesus loves you!

God bless you!



Elvis Gospel, comprising Elvis Gospel Ministries and Elvis Gospel Fan Club

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